2018 Installation

Overview from the installation in the entrance hall from Munich art academy.

13 of the old Pinakothek’s museum glass panes were brought in the oven from the glass workshop. The infrared glue did foam with the heat and hardened between the four layers of security glass. Each one of the glass panes received a different treatment : more or less heat in the oven and more or less assaulted during the installation process.

The installation was abandoned before the opening.

Working in progress thanks to the viewer, that space is a public space, open days and nights in the heart of the academy. More graffitis appeared on the walls during the exhibition time next to the glass pieces. I brought to burst some of the security glass panes.

Shortly before the opening, one glass pane brought to a high temperature did loose its infrared glue and dripped on the floor, releasing slowly all of its content.

Playing with “mythics” and real degradations recently “commited” in the art academy, the installation remained untouched by the visitors during 10 days.