“In the AdBK’s Vestibule, Arcadias presented a workshop situation. In her current work process, Garance Arcadias amplified the pictorial character of the windows still further by heating them and illuminating them. She presented the processual-character of her work in a frozen state that the light continued to alter.” Mishael Hofstetter, February 2018.

Former windows of the Alte Pinakothek in Munich. View of the installation evolving over 10 days.

Limestone bases, broken tempered glass, glass heated in a furnace between 150 and 1000 degrees.

…” Our Knockout blow. What was before can be lost forever only with one more micro step. It often tends to get faster and I can choose to save the material reactions from its momentum or let it degenerate. Sometimes I have to brake it myself. A machine. Remaining “in between”, there is something like a missing step, I don’t get. Folding, unfolding, I am trying to regulate avoiding systematic solutions.”

Garance Arcadias. 2016