2010 Villa Arson – earlier works


5.f.teinturepeintured'amourNatural dye

La “Villa Arson”      (National Superior school of fine art in Nice )

From 2008 till 2012, after discovering natural dyes, I tried to learn by myself and improved some dyeing technics with the plants from our school’s garden.

I often exhibited the work in process or installations resulting from what the practice inspired me.

“Teinture-peinture ” natural dye with Campêche, rust, atelier view, Villa Arson 2011.

“Escaliers” natural dye with eucalyptus, rust, sea water, staircase printed on the place

“Family sheet” Rusty bagger shovel with white vinegar. Embroidered XVIII th Century sheet soaked in rust.  Villa Arson 2010

“A.G” natural dye of garance plant, rust. Folding traces on a XVIIth Century linen sheet with A.G initials embroidered. Bringing natural dye under control.

Performance ‘Rust attack’. Lecture meanwhile a rusty pot is activated and dripping on the fabric. Bringing natural dye out of control.

Installation view. Dyed sheets, fabrics and hats soaked in ceramic bath. Burned in a ceramic oven remains the details of the XVIII th Century night hats. Exhibited in family groups. Vanities.

Printed with feet in the street. Rusty plates soaked in Eucalyptus. Serie of four pieces on linen fabrics.

Natural dye, wooden print