2015-2017 glas experiments-portfolio


“Vanitas Glass”

bones & bones ash, glass, metallic support, 2015.

Glass is a fascinating but temperamental material. As soon as one tries to melt glass, it is nearly impossible to mix it with other materials.

I did try to find out what kind of material could be able to work together with glass in terms of material´s resistance but also as a concept. Ash is already a component of glass and after several attempts, glass and bones’ash appeared to match together.




I made a kind of funerary urn, which has in point formally nothing to do with it, melting glass, bones and bones´ash together.

In that sculpture the glass is partially opacified by the white powder but the sculpture (2m/2m) remains transparent. Some bones pieces are giving a great relief to the sculpture. The shape is looking like a paravent in order to show what we usually hide: death and bereavement.



Sand casting procedure, Body’s trace on material . 2016


“Two rams’ scales”

mouth blown glass, work on lamp, 2017.




Broken windows from galeries

I am working with recycled glass from windows. In some of my exhibition spaces I distroyed the window and melted the broken pieces together leting the room open. I gave to some of the sculptures a ‘paravent’ shape in order to stand in the space like a new open window replacing the missing one.


galerie KunstArkaden, Arkadenale (June 2017- september 2017)

Broken gallery’s entrance door

0_Entrée_3_arkadenale. go to paradise_02(c)FotoTomGarrecht_2708


0_Entrée_2_arkadenale. go to paradise_15(c)FotoTomGarrecht_2874

Broken windows from Prinzregent Hotel´s bedroom

melted  in a half sphere and exhibited together with its broken frame. 2016


“Bubble window”