INFRAMINCE PARADE Current exhibition from 29.05.2023 till 29.07.2023

A project “supported by a NEUSTARTplus grant of the Stiftung Kunstfonds / NEUSTART KULTUR of the BKM

Space intervention for the exhibition: KURIOS in the state palace ‘Neue Residenz’, Bamberg – An exhibition interacting with the furniture and historical works in the royal apartments of the palace. Curated by the artist and Villa Concordia scholar Andreas Chwatal and the Bavarian Palace Department. With the kind support of the International Artists’ House Villa Concordia (Bamberg, GE).

Free-standing sculpture

h180 x w65 x d415 cm

UV print on safety laminated glass

Velour fabric with leopard pattern

Metal base, Collaboration with the artist David Luis Grimm

A train of imitation leopard skin extends the parade of a cracked glass pane in human size. A change of perspective, however, reveals a large glass standing up to the leopard. A resistant ‘tank man’?
The ancient and contemporary paintings surrounding the sculpture are seen through the glass. Golden world maps enter into a dialogue with the cartographic cracks of the glass. The now pop-culturally annexed leopard fabric, formerly a sign of special power, fades into the exuberant baroque room furnishings and the wooden inlaid floor.


A project “supported by a NEUSTARTplus grant of the Stiftung Kunstfonds / NEUSTART KULTUR of the BKM

free-standing sculpture
h85 x w85 cm x d105 cm
Burnt synthetic leopard skin
broken wired glass
metal base
soot, light source

The symbolism of the leopard motif has evolved over time. Whether royal, erotic, high fashion or cheap decor, the leopard motif is synonymous with power. The leopard skin has long been worn by the ruling class and then attributed to the wives of their leaders. Today, the leopard symbol of power is used by the army to name its tanks. The working class now wears it in grand parades…
The moiré and sheen of the fur, which was for centuries the prerogative of the dominant classes, is gradually being incorporated into numerous representations of women who are clothed in it or lying on a beast’s skin – bacchantes, amazons or dianas -, showing nudity and sensuality. Women adorned with an attribute of power essentially reserved for men… This camouflage outfit (name a chaR a cat) partially covers the cracks of a broken sculpture-socle.

Tank woman ?