Installation view at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich – main hall of the new building


Cyanotype on cotton canvas 10/8 metres
13 panes of burnt laminated glass 83/83 cm

The canvases, impregnated with light-sensitive emulsion, were stretched in the exhibition space, which was transformed into a black box, and applied directly to the windows of the studio.Thirty of the forty windows had been replaced a few weeks earlier by the windows of the old Pinakothek and eight remained empty.The still active UV filter prevented the full windows from being printed in negative. When the sun came up, only the eight missing windows revealed their “void print”. The print produced in the studio (first exhibition space) was then exhibited in the main hall of the academy.

A video of the process is available under the website’ section “videos”

The installation was completed by a series of the same burnt windows with their filter melted between 150 and 1000 degrees.