2021 – Liminal Space

October 2021, performance realised in the framework of the Munich Museum Night “Zimmer Frei” Installation : barricaded space, three windows doubled with safety glass, one video projection on each window (4′ loop) Curator: Mehmet Dayi.

trailer © Ingrid Dorner

« Public space is taken over, windows are barricaded. Private space is shrinking, a world is imploding. The window is an element of transition and separation between inside and outside. Moving it a few centimetres changes the size and relevance of these spaces. At the moment of this translation, a third, intermediate space is underlined and generated. It is a liminal “in-between” space that is porous on one side and hermetic on the other. Cut off from the outside by necessity, it is the glass of the inside that can break. Obsessive projections shatter there in turn by reversing the position of the gaze. How can one cross the illusions by comforting oneself in them? »

The view from the (right) distance. Garance Arcadias 2021.

“Enclose, open, take off.
In this order once again.

Inner barricade, increasing brightness, exclusion of reality. At the climax of the mirage, the blinded bird shatters. One repairs the pane as best one can.
The sticking plaster peels off like the bird resuming its flight.
The broken glass bears witness to friction and distanciation.
The impact of the bullet recalls its disappearance.
A liminal experience, more sudden than the idea of transition it evokes.

The view from the (right) distance. Garance Arcadias 2021.

Doubeled windows from the performance (three pieces)

Space overview. One minute of the three-minute loop.
videoprojection n°1/3 (3’loop)