Teasing by ©Ingrid Dorner


Carte blanche of the city of Munich in the context of the museum night.

Video, 3′ loop
Performance & installation in situ.
Videoprojection on the doubled windows of the Mariandl space.

The three windows of the suite have been barricaded and security glass of the same dimensions fixed in front of them. In the presence of visitors and at an unplanned moment, the windows were hammered out by the artist. Three video projectors placed at the back of the space continuously projected changing images of the real view (existing on the other side) over 24 hours. These images are sometimes replaced by another view: a landscape that changes with the seasons, viewed through the cracks of the absent and present window.
The shadow of the spectator who moves in front of the video projector lens is included in the device of the liminal space in which he or she moves. The images projected on the doubled windows are reflected on the walls of the space generating a 360° immersive video projection.

Removed doubled panes.