October 2021,

As part of the Museum Night 2021

Performance realized in Mariandl Hotel

(ENGL) The three large windows of the suite are barricaded and security glass of the same dimensions is fixed in front of them. In the presence of visitors and at an unplanned moment, the windows are hammered out by the artist. Three video projectors positioned at the back of the space project images of the real view, existing behind the barricades, which evolves over 24 hours. These images are then replaced by another view (“elsewhere”) photographed through another broken window, offering a landscape seen through the cracks over the seasons. The shadow of the viewer moving in front of the video projector lens is included in the liminal space in which he or she evolves. The images projected on the glass that doubles the windows are reflected by it on the white wall at the back of the room, generating a 360° video projection.

trailer © Ingrid Dorner

Performance realised in the framework of the Munich Museum Night “Zimmer Frei” Installation : barricaded space, three windows doubled with safety glass, one video projection on each window (4′ loop) Curator: Mehmet Dayi.

“Enclose, open, take off.
In this order once again.

Inner barricade, increasing brightness, exclusion of reality. At the climax of the mirage, the blinded bird shatters.

One repairs the pane as best one can.
The sticking plaster peels off like the bird resuming its flight.
The broken glass bears witness to friction and distanciation.
The impact of the bullet recalls its disappearance.
A liminal experience, more sudden than the idea of transition it evokes.

The view from the (right) distance. Garance Arcadias 2021.

Doubeled windows from the performance (three pieces)

Space overview. One minute of the three-minute loop.
videoprojection n°1/3 (3’loop)